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Bathroom Conversions for Castroville Homes

Remodeling your home is one of the joys of being a homeowner. You can choose what fixtures you want to install as well as choose a color scheme. When it comes to your bathroom, the designing possibilities are endless.

At Genie Bath Systems, we lead the way in Castroville bath conversions. Whether you’re ready to get rid of an old tub or rusted shower head, we can help upgrade your home at an affordable rate. We’re proud to offer a long list of services that includes:

Long-Lasting Replacement Bathtubs

Investing in a replacement tub can make a considerable difference in the look of your home. The older tubs get, the more likely they are to stain and show cracks, chips, and other imperfections. We offer a wide selection of bathtubs that include:

  • Walk-In Tubs: This style of tub is a perfect fit for anyone with accessibility needs. These tubs have built-in seating that let you soak in the tub safely, minimizing the need for excessive standing, stretching, or bending.
  • Jetted Tubs: Our jetted tubs are built so that they are easy to clean and mildew resistant. This selection is great for homeowners that like to soak in the tub for hours on end.
  • Freestanding Tubs: Freestanding tubs are a good option for homeowners that want more control over where their new tub is installed. You can place this style almost anywhere, in contrast to “built-in tubs” that must be installed along a wall.

Customizable New Showers

If your bathing routine leans more towards the practical side of things, having a new shower installed can help you get the most out of your remodeling project. New showers can upgrade your bathroom’s look, by removing aging fixtures that have begun to accumulate mineral deposits and rust spots.

We offer modern shower options that include your choice of colors from dozens of possibilities. You can also review our glass shower enclosure options to make sure you choose a style that’s perfect for you and your family. With optional features like grab bars and towel racks, you’ll have the ability to design your bathroom exactly how you need.

Space-Saving Tub-to-Shower Conversions

A tub-to-shower conversion may be right for you if you feel like your current space is too small. If you’re constantly running out of space for your toiletries and other items, removing your current tub and replacing it with a space-efficient shower is a great solution for maximizing square footage.

We can also perform the opposite and trade your shower in for a tub. If you have small children or simply prefer to soak in a tub at the end of the day, installing a tub can make your bathroom routine a lot easier.

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As the Castroville bathroom remodeling experts, we are ready to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. With financing and warranty options available, you don’t need to put off your bathroom conversion project any longer. Call Genie Bath Systems today, and we’ll start you off with a free quote, so you can begin planning your new bathroom!